2015 Advent Readings: Rediscovering the Christmas Season

Rediscovering the Christmas Season
What is Advent?

Advent is a period of roughly 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. If you’re unfamiliar with Advent, it is a season of anticipation. (Think “adventure,” which actually comes from the same latin root.)

During Advent, we prepare for Christ’s arrival. We remind ourselves that all is not right in the world, and what we need most is not a thing but a person.

We need a savior.

Not presents. Presence.

When Christmas arrives, we’ll celebrate the fulfillment of God’s promises about the messiah. Until then we wait. We hope. We pray.

And we make sure our hearts are still open to receive Christ. Because he will show up.

2015 Advent Readings

This Advent season, we invite you to rediscover the Christmas season with this non-traditional twist on an Advent scripture reading plan. An ideal start date for this adventure is December 1st, while an earlier start allows a more relaxed pace. The link, which you can open in a browser or in YouVersion’s Bible app, includes reflection questions and action steps to center each day on Christ. Great for individuals, families, or small groups. Get started today by clicking here.

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