2016 Advent Readings

The countdown to Christmas can either quicken our pace or steady it with purpose. Throughout the season of Advent, we encourage you to use these daily scripture readings to prepare your heart for the coming of Christ.

Advent is a period of roughly 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. If you’re unfamiliar with Advent, it is a season of anticipation. (Think “adventure,” which actually comes from the same latin root.) During Advent, we prepare for Christ’s arrival. We remind ourselves that all is not right in the world, and what we need most is not a thing but a person. We need a savior. Not presents. Presence.

Many families observe the four weeks of Advent by lighting candles. Typically 4 candles are arranged in a circle or wreath. These symbolize four great gifts Christ brings us: hope, love, joy, and peace. Inside the circle, a fifth candle is placed to symbolize Christ. The readings below focus on the four gifts of Christ’s coming. They can be used by themselves or incorporated into the lighting of the candles.

NOV 27 – DEC 3 – HOPE (Click any scripture to open in new window.)

DEC 4 – 10 – LOVE (Click any scripture to open in new window.)

DEC 11 – 17 – JOY (Click any scripture to open in new window.)

DEC 18 – 24 – PEACE (Click any scripture to open in new window.)

DEC 25 – CHRIST (Click scripture to open in new window.)

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