2017 KidsView Volunteer Vacation

If you volunteer in KidsView, PreView, or Nursery, we’re sending you on a vacation…

A vacation from upstairs, at least.

As we wrap up Summer 2017, you’ll get to be part of our gathering downstairs as we ALL worship together.

We hope that God turns this bit of Sabbath rest into a restoration of your energies and passion for serving the kids and parents at ClearView.

We cannot say thank you enough to communicate our gratitude or the importance of what you do.

July 30 – Aug 13 – What to Anticipate

July 30 – Our coordinators will cover the needed spots upstairs as we kick off a new, family-focused series downstairs.

Aug 6 & 13 – We’ll ALL be together downstairs! What a cool opportunity to worship together! Expect even more silliness than usual as we speak to kids and adults alike. *NOTE: There will still be an attended nursery available these weeks, extended up to age 3.

Aug 20 – Promotion Sunday: The kids are welcomed back upstairs, and it will also be promotion day for those moving from one Nursery to PreView, Preview to KidsView, or from KidsView into our Student Ministry!

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