A Personal Invitation to IF: Gathering

IF we believe God is real, then what? How do we live our lives now?

These are the questions asked by the IF Gathering for Women held each year in Austin, TX and by live streaming in communities like Shreveport around the US.

Last year, my sister and I received tickets to IF at the last minute and jumped at the opportunity of a weekend away whatever it was we were going to do! What a blessing that weekend was to me. A large group of women gathered in Austin, Texas, and God moved in my heart and in others around me. We listened to women share stories, teach God’s word and challenge us with the question: IF we believe God is real, then what?

I walked away from the weekend with an overwhelming desire to love my husband, my children and those around me well. I was continually reminded that people matter and how I live with purpose and intention in the mundane tasks of my day matters.

Jennie Allen, the founder of IF, said at the beginning of the weekend that we are “running our race” – this, right now, is it. Waiting around for the perfect timing to do something or until we feel more “put together” may take forever. This is our life, our race. Let’s start living it.

This February, women will be gathering again in Austin and all over the U.S. by way of live streaming. I am so excited that we have the opportunity here in Shreveport to be a part of IF:Local. A group of women will be gathering at Brookwood Church on February 6th and 7th. We will worship, listen, and connect with other women in our community.

I would love to see a group from ClearView be a part of this event. You can register online here: https://ifgathering.com/gatherings/5597/

There is no set price for tickets. Pay what you can. All payments go directly to IF:Gathering to fund the event and simulcast allowing thousands to join the gathering from afar.

I hope you will consider coming and I would love to share more if you have any questions!

Anna Smith

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