#BAE – New Study for 6th-12th Students – Mar 29

When folks come to ClearView for the first time, they’re often surprised to hear that we have such a developed and intentional ministry for middle and high school students.

If you’re a regular though, you know that the ClearView Student Ministry – CSM for short – offers teens (and parents) all kinds of opportunities to learn, serve, discover, laugh, and grow in faith together.

But who says we should stop there…

#BAE is a new, once-a-month Bible study opportunity for middle and high school students that happens during the Sunday worship gathering. This means our teens can invite a friend to experience worship with us, then meet the rest of our CSM crew and hear a lesson that’s aimed right at them.

Our next #BAE will be Sunday, Mar 29. Help us spread the word and don’t miss out!

Oh, and what does #BAE mean, you ask? It’s a reminder to make God the priority – Before Anything Else.

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