Beau: An Others Story

Beau shares an amazing, true story about how God uses our small acts of service to others in ways we’d never imagine.

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3 thoughts on “Beau: An Others Story

  1. This touched me so deeply because well for tobvious reasons, the kindness and generosity of his actions but also because this reminds me so much of myself and my children just a few years ago. Beau, your kindness will never be forgotten, not by the mother nor by the daughter who witnessed how one seemingly small act can have such a profound and lasting affect, it gave hope to this mom, a meal and some clean clothes to this family and most importantly it was and I’m speaking from experience, it was a huge reminder that there are people in this world who care when you have no family support that a total stranger cares and it’s a gentle act after you’ve known such cruelty and abuse and it’s proof that when we are at the end of our rope that if we just let go and let God that he will Always come through for us! You will be blessed !

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