ClearView MidWeek

Streaming Bible Study – Wednesday Nights, 7 p.m.

What is ClearView MidWeek?
MidWeek is an easy, interesting chance to dive into the Bible. Deep study, entirely online. Taught by Lead Minister John Hawkins (& guests), you can watch live and share comments or watch it on demand, like a favorite podcast.

How to Watch
Join us on Facebook to watch live. Make the study even better by commenting or asking questions in real-time.

Is it available to watch later? Yes. See the Midweek playlist on our YouTube channel.

Why First John?
It’s the book that tells us God is love and thinks it so important, it repeats it again.

Like our previous MidWeek study, First John is a letter written to early Christians. But here the concern is what to believe. They’re caught in the crossfire between those telling the truth about Jesus and those spreading lies. Not knowing what to believe, they also don’t know how to live.

John assures these young believers that Jesus is Lord and we are loved.

We think you’ll find this study to be a bright spot in your week. As you dive into the text, your faith will strengthen, and you’ll find immediate applications for what you’re learning.

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