Current Series

Beyond the Breakers

How the questions that scare you lead to the faith you’ve always wanted

Sunday, 10 a.m. at LSUS

Imagine yourself at the beach, staring out at the water.

Just in front of you the water is safe and shallow, the waves are gentle, and your feet can touch. Further out it looks wilder. Big plunging waves are breaking. It’s loud, windy, chaotic. You think, “Who would ever want to be out there?”

But as you look, you notice a line of people on surfboards who are not just out there, but paddling further and further. They are pursuing these waves. They’ve learned not to tolerate such conditions, but to enjoy them. And looking at them, you sense they know the ocean in a way you do not.

Let’s use this analogy to talk about faith. First, there’s the shallows – the truths we learned in our early years.

Beyond that – for all of us – there are breakers. These are experiences we go through that make us question our nice, easy understandings of God and life. They are doubts that rock us, issues we don’t wan’t to wade into, unexpected pains that crash into us.

And further still – the open ocean. This is the faith we long for, the depth we crave, the place where fear and certainty are exchanged for joy and mystery.

What are the breakers that keep us from deeper faith? In our new series we’ll explore several, including:

    Doesn’t faith mean never changing your mind?
    Aren’t faith and science at war with each other?
    Isn’t the Bible full of corruptions and contradictions?
    Wouldn’t a good god prevent all suffering?
    Isn’t faith irrelevant to real life?
    And doesn’t the crucifixion show that God is cruel?

What if the question that scares you is all that stands between you and the faith you’ve always wanted? Don’t settle for the shallows. Don’t be afraid of the waves. Let’s go beyond the breakers.

Join us this Sunday for honest, heart-led worship and a message in this new series, Beyond the Breakers

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