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All In

It takes all of us. And it takes our all.

Sunday, 10 a.m. at LSUS

In a sense, ClearView exists because of two little words.

When this church was just an idea – one we couldn’t say for sure would work out – we asked folks who were considering being part of the core team to let us know how God led them. We passed out index cards to collect contact info. At the top was a check box and those two little words:

“I’m in!”

Since then ClearView the idea has become a living, growing, three-dimensional church. Hundreds of people have said, “I’m in!” God has changed lives, people have come to faith, faces have become friends, we’ve been able to serve neighbors near and far, and all of it – every single bit – depends on people having the faith to say, “I’m in!”

So, to all of you reading this, two more words.

Thank you.

As we celebrate 9 years of ClearView and begin year 10, we’ll share a few lessons about being All In.

    All: Because it takes all of us. And it takes our all.
    In: Because everybody’s welcome. You belong. You’re in.

There’s no limit to what God can do through us when we’re all in. And because of Jesus, we are, all of us, in.

Join us this Sunday for All In

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