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a way past flat faith and fake friends

Sunday, 10 a.m. at LSUS

The world is flat.

No, not literally! But in terms of how we tend to see things.

Our world tends to flatten things.

Deep thoughts are condensed into tweets. Important conversations reduced to a text. Lovely experiences shrunk into little square photos.

When we disagree with someone, we flatten them into a caricature or label. When we think about God, we tend to shrink him down as well.

It’s like we’ve forgotten that life is 3D. In so many ways what we’re missing is depth. And it’s time to recover it.

There is a way past flat faith and fake friends, a way of seeing God and others in 3D, and it is beautiful. Let’s talk about 3D faith, friendships, families, and churches.

Don’t settle for less. Depth makes all the difference.

Join us this Sunday for 3D!

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