Dec 27 Mini Gatherings – Good News vs Bad Medicine

Thanks for joining us for this online gathering of ClearView Church

Today, the last Sunday of 2015, is one when many of us will be traveling or recovering from busy days, we hope you enjoy this chance to worship at home (or wherever you are). Think of it as a mini-gathering.

How this works:

We have 3 short teaching videos and 2 fun online games in between to play with family or friends. You can fully participate solo, but it will be even more fun if you’re playing with others. So, include the kids, circle up the relatives still at your house, or invite over a few friends. Let’s get started!

Teaching Video Part One

Want to Play a Quick Game?

Guess the Word

We asked a few ClearView kids to define words related to New Years. Can you guess the words?

How to Play: You will need one computer screen everyone can see. This will display the questions. Additionally, each player needs a smartphone, tablet or laptop which will act as their buzzer to answer.
On the computer: Click this link to open the game via a website called Kahoots
Click “play” and then “start now.” You should see a 6 digit game PIN.
On your phones/tablets: Each player should open a browser window (like Safari or Chrome) and go to
Then enter the 6 digit game PIN and your name/nickname.
Once you see all players’ names on the computer screen, you’re ready to start. There will be 5 questions, each with 4 possible answers. Buzz in before it’s too late to score points. Have fun!

Teaching Video Part Two

Time for Game #2

Guess the Drawing

This time we asked the kids to draw something related to New Years. Can you guess the drawings?
Just like before, this game utilizes Kahoots.

On the computer: Click this link to open the game via Kahoots
On your phones/tablets: Head back to
There are 4 questions, each with 4 possible answers. Good luck!

Teaching Video Part Three

Next Steps

  • Decide: What will be your word for 2016?
  • Discuss: Talk about and pray over these significant words
  • Share: Visit ClearView’s Facebook page. We’d love to hear your one word and how this teaching impacts you.

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