Doing Good

  • Living Proof: The Good You’ve Done Already

    Whenever you serve others, you are living proof of a loving God. With that in mind, we made it our goal to do more good in 2017 than ever before, with regular opportunities to serve together called living proof opportunities.

    Here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

    28,000 Meals for Haiti
    In February we partnered with LSUS and an aid organization called Numana to pack meals for Haiti that would help parts of the island still recovering from Hurricane Matthew. After reaching our event funding goal of $8,000, volunteers worked together at a one-day meal-packing event to pack and ship over 28,000 meals! For more about Numana, and the story of how we first partnered with them, read this.

    You Are Loved
    In March we served one of the community meals at the Hub’s Lovewell Center. The Hub does a number of things to alleviate the effects of poverty and homelessness in Shreveport. Their motto is “You are loved,” and their weekly meals are as much about community as they are about food.

    1,500 Easter Eggs
    Just before Easter we were invited to create a moment of joy for the residents of Holy Angels. Holy Angels is residential facility where children and adults with developmental disabilities receive world-class care. We packed and hid 1,500 eggs on their campus and cheered on the residents as they hunted and found them all!

    Laundry Love
    In May we did a Sunday afternoon Laundry Love. Splitting into teams, we sent volunteers to several area laundromats, surprising those we met with the offer to pay for their laundry. For more on Laundry Love, read this.

  • I Was Hungry and You Fed Me

    Did you know that Louisiana has the 3rd highest food insecurity rate in the country?

    This is what poverty looks like in our own backyard – 1 of every 5 children, families, and seniors in our community cannot say with certainty that they will have enough food for the week.

    In January 2016, we were able to partner with hunger-relief organization Numana, several area churches, universities, and community groups for a meal-packing event called FeedSBC.

    In one day, volunteers at LSUS and BPCC packed over 100,000 meals for the hungry in our community!

  • The Refugee Crisis

    Millions of refugees have been forced from their homes in Syria.

    Recent media attention has heightened awareness about a problem years in the making: the worst refugee crisis since WWII. Hospitality is one of the greatest Christian virtues, and great is the opportunity to love these orphans, widows, and vulnerable families, many of whom will be encountering Christianity for the first time.

    In late 2015, we raised and donated funds for 2 refugee families – resettling in Europe and being ministered to there by a local church – to secure new housing and a new start.

  • The Gospel for a War-Torn Country

    Robert and Teague Meyer, and their boys Efesson and Biruk, serve on a church-planting team in Angola. 2002 marked the end of over 40 years of war in Angola and the beginning of rapid growth and development.

    The Meyers arrived in 2011, and we’ve been blessed to support their work prayerfully and financially since then. It’s a great work – equipping Angolan Christians to plant and lead urban churches – and we’re glad to call them friends.

  • How Peanut Butter Makes a Better World

    Did you know that malnutrition kills 4 million children every year? That’s more than die from malaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis – combined.

    Thank God for peanut butter (seriously). When mixed with vitamins, peanut butter makes a perfect ready-to-use-therapeutic food (RUTF).

    This “peanut butter on steroids” is the best answer yet to severe acute malnutrition. Three packets per day for about a month cures 94% of kids forever. In September 2013 we worked to raise awareness throughout the community. In 4 weeks, we were able to raise over $5,500, enough for 13,000 packets of RUTF and 100 lives saved!

  • Even Kids Can Make a Difference

    One of the most joyful things we do each year is called Summer Serve. As a shared experience, kids and parents decorate flower pots and fill them with beautiful plants. Then we deliver these as gifts for residents at a local senior living center. It’s hard to say what the seniors love more – their unique gift or the super-cute kids making the delivery!

  • Surgeries that Restore Life

    CURE International is a nonprofit that operates hospitals around the world, providing life-changing surgeries for kids with physical conditions like cleft lips, club foot, and untreated burns. In 2012 we were able to raise $10,000 for CURE, enough to transform the lives of 10 kids and families. And along the way we got to meet these kids and share in the joy of their healing. Pictured above are 2 of those kids, Lilo and Brian.

  • Spreading Christmas Cheer

    Every Christmas we do something to help others and push past the materialism of the holiday season. In recent years, we’ve had the opportunity to bless local families in need, we’ve dressed up as Santa more than once, and we’ve sent hundreds of gifts around the world through Operation Christmas Child. What better time of year for parents to teach their children that it’s better to give than to receive?

  • Chickens, Cows, and Goats. Oh my!

    During one of our first restoration projects, we partnered with Compassion International, to provide farm animals for families around the world in need of food and income. The final count was 7 cows, 10 goats, and 15 chickens.

  • A Boy and His Dog

    When we found out about Zachary, a boy who suffers with seizures, and his family’s effort to pay for a therapy dog, we just couldn’t resist. We made a significant contribution that pushed their fundraising efforts over the top!

  • The Tip of the Iceberg

    God’s presented us with opportunities to do good in all kinds of ways. We’ve been known to give away cars, furniture, and appliances. We’ve gotten to encourage other church plants and even build a water well in Burundi.

    Locally, we’re proud to partner with great nonprofits like Volunteers of America, the YMCA, Caddo Council on Aging, Common Ground Community, Early Head Start, Young Life, and Providence House.