Enneagram Creativity Workshop – July 13

Saturday July 13th


Great Raft Brewing Co. (Event Room)

Admission is FREE, but capacity is limited so please register below to let us know you’ll be there!

Creativity is an innate human capacity, and we are better off when we’re using it. As Brene Brown puts it, “Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame.” In other words, neglecting to use our creativity is not without consequence. It affects our overall health and well being, the quality of our relationships, and the ways in which we contribute to the world.

Though we each have a creative offering to make, our individual creativity will often look and function quite differently from person to person. We see things differently and respond to things differently. We may focus on different things and encounter different challenges, advantages, and insights in the creative process. This is where the Enneagram comes in. In this workshop, we’ll look at the value of creativity and how personality influences the creative process for each of the 9 Enneagram types…

  • Why is it important to make time and space for creativity in our lives?
    What sort of things do you naturally gravitate toward making?
    What are the gifts and challenges that your personality brings to the creative process?
    How can self-awareness help in overcoming creative obstacles and freeing you up to make the work and live the life you envision?

This workshop is just as much for anyone who has ever said I’m not creative or I’m not an artist as it is for working artists looking for tools to help get past creative blocks and discover new aspects of your work and talents!

*This is an intermediate level course, and it is important that you be familiar with your Enneagram type before attending. Contact sarah@sarahduet.com with any questions.

About the Enneagram
The Enneagram is a personality typing system that combines modern psychology and spiritual wisdom to describe 9 distinct, dynamic ways of being in the world. Each type is characterized by habitual, patterned responses and unique motivations that arise from how one thinks, feels, and behaves. The Enneagram doesn’t “put us in a box” but rather shows us the box we’ve been living in and maps a way out of it.

About the Teacher
Sarah Duet is an artist and communicator who has studied the Enneagram for 10 years and is a candidate for certification as a teacher in The Narrative Enneagram school. She works with individuals and communities to share Enneagram wisdom in hopes to foster increased self-awareness, empathy, meaningful work, and the capacity for healthier relationships. Learn more at sarahduet.com.