Financial Wisdom for Adults and Kids

UPDATE: Smart Piggies has begun! Check out our resource page for all the goodies.

Tis the season! No, not that one – tax season.

And while we can’t spare you from your date with destiny on April 15, we would like to take advantage of this season to talk about financial wisdom.

Starting Sunday, April 12, we’ll have 4 weeks of take-homes available for all of our PreView and KidsView families that help you talk about money and the Bible with your kids. Don’t we all hope our kids have a better handle on money than we do? It starts here. Drawing on the image of a piggy bank, we’re calling it “How to Raise Smart Piggies.”

And for all of us adults (whether you have kids or not), we’ll have articles and helpful links online each week to help you think about how to enjoy, share, and make the most of what God gives you. We’d love for you to read along with us and share your thoughts.

We’re really looking forward to this. May God bless us with wisdom about how we handle money, and may God bless our kids to be even wiser!

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