The Forgiveness Project: Eliminating $1.5M of Medical Debt in Caddo-Bossier


As we celebrate TEN years sharing God’s grace, we have an opportunity to share the gracious gift of forgiveness in a unique way.

Medical debt can be a crushing burden. Right now, 42.9 million Americans, our friends and neighbors, have unpaid medical bills. Like ripples in a pond, this affects their lives in so many ways. First, obviously, it’s a debt. It hurts their credit score. They may be hounded by debt collectors, and the doctors and providers deserve payment.

Second, because of these debts, most will have difficulty paying other expenses as they make progress on what they owe. Third, 2/3 will delay or avoid seeking medical care again, care that is often vitally important.

And there are costs beyond the financial. Medical debt is now the #1 reason cited in personal bankruptcies and we know that bankruptcy/financial difficulty is a leading factor in divorces. It’s easy to imagine how debt snowballs into fights, depression, and anxiety.

In partnership with RIP Medical Debt, a non-profit specializing in medical debt elimination, we hope to forgive $1.5 million of currently-owed medical debt for our neighbors in Caddo and Bossier Parishes.

How does it work? RIP is a non-profit debt buyer. Though relationships with hospitals and other debt buyers, they are able to eliminate $100 worth of medical debt for an average of $1. They also have specific criteria to identify individuals most in need of help. For more on RIP and how they identify and eliminate medical debt, visit their website or the FAQ on our giving campaign page.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 by November 22, 2020, eliminating $1.5M worth of debt currently owed in Caddo and Bossier parishes and halting the ripple effects described above. We believe this act of grace will help our friends and neighbors thrive and perhaps encourage some to turn to Jesus. Grace has a way of drawing us near like nothing else. Just imagine receiving an unexpected letter in the mail stating that “Your debt has been forgiven in Jesus’ name by your friends at ClearView Church.”



Give now on our RIP campaign page and be sure to select whether you want to be identified as a supporter or to remain anonymous.

You may also give by cash or check (payable to ClearView Church) on Sundays, marking your gift “forgiveness.” 100% of what’s designated will be forwarded to the Forgiveness Project.

Finally, you can help us by sharing this campaign with those you know who might like to be part of The Forgiveness Project. God has forgiven us. Now’s a chance to pass it on.

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