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$2.3 Million of Local Medical Debt Eliminated by The Forgiveness Project

987 RECIPIENTS HAVE THEIR MEDICAL DEBTS FORGIVEN! Last fall we put before you a challenge to raise $15,000 to go toward local and currently-owed medical debt. Around the country, 42.9 million people have unpaid medical debt, including many of our friends and neighbors in Shreveport-Bossier. The impact of having medical debt beyond your ability to pay plays out like ripples in a pond. First there is the stress of bill...Read More

April 4 – Easter @ ClearView

Sunday, April 4, 2021 LSUS – University Center Theater, 10 A.M. We’re so excited to invite you for Easter at ClearView! Easter is about HOPE. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus – the climax of God’s story and the defeat of sin and death. We’re looking forward to worshipping with you, and we’re already praying for all of you who will be joining us for the first time. Easter is an incredible opport...Read More

Investing in ClearView’s Future

ANNOUNCING THE FUTURE FUND We’re thrilled to announce that a future fund has been opened for those looking to invest in ClearView’s future. This savings fund is in anticipation of all that God has ahead for us as we continue to grow, worship, and serve together. Ten years ago, we started ClearView believing everyone deserves to see Jesus clearly. Today we’re even more passionate about that calling, ...Read More

Rally Boxes – Neighbors Helping The Hub

Host or Locate a Rally Box to Donate Nonperishable Food to The Hub HOW DOES IT WORK? A Rally Box is a bin or box for collecting nonperishable foods for our friends at The Hub: Urban Ministries. The Hub operates a day shelter for those in our community experiencing poverty and homelessness. There is an immediate need for filling, nutritious food to restock the Eatwell, their food pantry where dozens “shop”...Read More

ClearView Christmas – Watch On Demand

YOU’RE INVITED TO CLEARVIEW CHRISTMAS! Simple, Joyful Worship & Teaching :: No Available On Demand One night, a group of shepherds were doing what shepherds do when an angel appeared and told them the good news – Jesus is born! Then all of a sudden a whole chorus of angels was there, praises exploding from their lips, “Glory to God in the highest! Peace on earth!” Because the birth of Jesus is wort...Read More

Gingerbread Wonderland

Do Good & Have Fun Doing It! Select a time, tell us what you’d like to bring! SUNDAY, DEC 13 Join us at either 3:30 or 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec 13 in the LSUS ballroom for Gingerbread Wonderland! DOING GOOD We’re helping our friends at The Gingerbread House and Common Ground by preparing hundreds of Busy Bags for kids. Come and serve with your family or Trio as we assemble the bags! We need your help...Read More

Resources for Advent 2020

ADVENT: CHRISTMAS IS COMING Christmas is coming. That thought can drive us into a frenzy of activity or slow us to cherish each day. This Advent season, we hope you’ll find these resources valuable as you prepare your heart for the coming of Christ. WHAT IS ADVENT? Advent is a period of roughly 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. If you’re unfamiliar with Advent, it is a season of anticipation. (Think “advent...Read More

The Forgiveness Project: Eliminating $1.5M of Medical Debt in Caddo-Bossier

CLICK HERE TO GIVE NOW As we celebrate TEN years sharing God’s grace, we have an opportunity to share the gracious gift of forgiveness in a unique way. THE PROBLEM Medical debt can be a crushing burden. Right now, 42.9 million Americans, our friends and neighbors, have unpaid medical bills. Like ripples in a pond, this affects their lives in so many ways. First, obviously, it’s a debt. It hurts their cred...Read More

Celebrating Ten Years Sharing God’s Grace

A family sharing God’s grace, living for others, and experiencing transformation… 10 years and counting! We’re celebrating an incredible milestone – 10 years! From a small start through a global pandemic, we’ve seen God change our lives and grow us into a family of hundreds. ClearView is an ongoing story of God’s grace. We recently asked folks to share how they saw God in our found...Read More

Share Your ClearView Story

ClearView is approaching a major milestone – 10 years! As part of our celebration, we’d love for you to share your ClearView story, whether it’s a big transformation or a little thing that you’ve never forgotten. We are a family sharing God’s grace, living for others, and experiencing transformation. Let’s put that on display as we share what ClearView has meant for us. Sign up be...Read More

ClearView MidWeek

Streaming Bible Study – Available On Demand Dive Into the Bible, at Home or as Part of a Trio MidWeek is a way to dive into the Bible – Deep study that’s not boring or over your head, entirely online. Taught by Lead Minister John Hawkins (& guests), studies of First Peter (5 videos) and First John (5 videos) are now available to watch on demand, like a favorite podcast. How to Watch See the Midweek...Read More

Remembering JoAnn Beatty

JoAnn Beatty was a founding member of ClearView Church, and we hold her in our heart. We’re honored the family has requested donations in her memory. To give online, click the donate button below. Donations will be handled securely by PayPal, but may be done without a PayPal account, using any debit or credit card. Please add “Beatty Memorial” in the notes/memo. ...Read More