Living Proof: The Good You’ve Done Already

Whenever you serve others, you are living proof of a loving God. With that in mind, we made it our goal to do more good in 2017 than ever before, with regular opportunities to serve together called living proof opportunities.

Here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

28,000 Meals for Haiti
In February we partnered with LSUS and an aid organization called Numana to pack meals for Haiti that would help parts of the island still recovering from Hurricane Matthew. After reaching our event funding goal of $8,000, volunteers worked together at a one-day meal-packing event to pack and ship over 28,000 meals! For more about Numana, and the story of how we first partnered with them, read this.

You Are Loved
In March we served one of the community meals at the Hub’s Lovewell Center. The Hub does a number of things to alleviate the effects of poverty and homelessness in Shreveport. Their motto is “You are loved,” and their weekly meals are as much about community as they are about food.

1,500 Easter Eggs
Just before Easter we were invited to create a moment of joy for the residents of Holy Angels. Holy Angels is residential facility where children and adults with developmental disabilities receive world-class care. We packed and hid 1,500 eggs on their campus and cheered on the residents as they hunted and found them all!

Laundry Love
In May we did a Sunday afternoon Laundry Love. Splitting into teams, we sent volunteers to several area laundromats, surprising those we met with the offer to pay for their laundry. For more on Laundry Love, read this.

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    1. Yes! Corrected now – May 7. Thanks for catching that. The men’s rib cook-off is on the 6th, maybe that was in my brain, lol – John

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