Matt: A Transformation Story

Matt shares the story of how God is changing his life, turning this life-long skeptic into a believer and disciple of Jesus.

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3 thoughts on “Matt: A Transformation Story

  1. In watching Matt’s transformation story (and understanding there is only so much that can be done in such short pieces), I found it curious that he was able to make the leap from a generic theism (“God exists”) to a specific theism (Christianity). As a skeptic and a former Christian, I have always been puzzled by those who jump from one to the other and think they’ve made the right choice. Couldn’t a similar argument be made for Islam? A young man in, say, Pakistan, grows up with Islamic roots but harbors skepticism. Then he realizes that only theism can explain the beauty he sees. And, because of his cultural context, he embraces Islam again. How is Matt’s story any different?

    1. Hi Ben, Thanks for stopping by. You’re right that we were limited in what we could fit into the video. Matt’s turn to belief in Christ involved a lot of digging and pondering on his part. I hesitate to answer for him, but I’d say that research into the historical claims behind Christianity, studying Christian apologetics and debates, and engagement with a practicing community of faith were all factors.

      I tried my best to lay out a defense for belief (both theism and Jesus) in a series called Believable. If you’d be interested in listening, it’s here:

      They are listed in reverse order (oldest on bottom, last one on top), if you want to hear the whole train of thought, or you could listen to the one titled “Why Jesus” for that specific chunk.

      Blessings to you, John Hawkins

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