Netflix: Are We Doing It Wrong?

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Pop quiz: Would you be happier if you ate one of your favorite treats or as many as you want?

Interestingly, research says one is definitely better than several.

Why is that? There’s a sort of numbing effect when it comes to happiness, meaning that we get used to things quickly and don’t find as much pleasure in the occasional treat once it becomes the all-the-time go-to snack.

So when we binge-watch our favorite show on Netflix, we’re actually cheating ourselves out of happiness. If we limited ourselves to one episode a night, or took a night off from TV entirely once in a while, we’d appreciate the humor or drama of what we watch that much more!

Does this sound like something you already knew intuitively? Jesus taught that less is more, that it’s harder for the rich to enter the kingdom than the poor, and that life is never, never about who has the newest, biggest barn.

This week we want to challenge you to think and pray about contentment. Simply put, contentment is the ability to enjoy what you have. It’s understanding that life is not found in an abundance of possessions, but in appreciating what I already have.

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