No One Ever Says ‘I’d Like to Become a Hoarder Today’

This is the final of 4 posts about faith and money. It’s part of our 4-week Smart Piggies emphasis on encouraging kids (and adults) to learn to handle money. Click here for all of the Smart Piggies resources. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Comment below!


In his book, Enough, Adam Hamilton tells about a man who gave millions to establish a university in Texas. Several years later he lost nearly everything. Someone asked him if he regretted all he had given to the university. His response was telling.

“Regret it?” he said, “Look, that school is the only lasting thing I’ve done with my money. Had I not given for the school, I would have lost that money too, and there would be nothing to show for it.”

God created us to give, not to hoard. But what often gets in the way is the voice of fear: What if I give this away and then I don’t have enough left? But as the story illustrates, holding tightly to what we have is not only selfish, it’s foolish. Investing in what lasts is a far better strategy.

This week we want to challenge you to think and pray about stewardship. Simply put, stewardship is making the most of what you have. It’s understanding that all we have is on loan from God – it’s not really ours – and faithfully using what he gives us to promote the Gospel and the Kingdom of God.

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