Our Story

Living. Breathing. Beautiful.

The Bible talks about the church as a body – a living, breathing, local embodiment of Jesus Christ. From where we’re standing, that makes perfect sense.

Not that long ago, ClearView was just an idea. A prompting we felt. A big pile of prayers, question marks, and “what if’s?”

But today ClearView is a heart that beats with love for God and others. It’s hands that serve. Feet that go. Arms that hold. It’s lungs breathing out new praises. It’s eyes discovering new light. It’s a body.

And it’s beautiful.

What God is up to among us.

ClearView launched October 24, 2010. Our core group was 40 people with a shared vision. Many of our friends and neighbors had been burned by religion or had only a fuzzy idea of what the Gospel is all about.

Our dream was a church where everyone could get a “clear view” of Jesus, so we kept things authentic and simple. We pledged to focus on things that matter and to get involved in our community in meaningful ways.

YMCA Camp Forbing

Until March 23, 2014 we met at the YMCA Camp Forbing on Ellerbe Road. The relaxed vibe of that location has permanently shaped our personality. As we grew, we knew another step was needed, and after much prayer and searching, the opportunity to meet in the University Center Theater on the campus of LSU Shreveport came at the perfect time.

LSU Shreveport

So here we are at the beginning again – a new chapter to be written. Whether you’re a follower of Christ looking for a place to belong or you’re just curious, checking out faith/church for the first time or the first time in a while, we hope you’ll write this chapter with us.