Feb 29 – Questions about the Bible?

All the questions you have about the Bible but were afraid to ask

As we often remind you, questions are not the enemy of faith. Questions can be good friends that help us deepen our faith and understanding.

The Bible is often called “the good book.” And it is, indeed, a very good book. We affirm that it is uniquely inspired by God and essential for not just our thinking, but our transformation into Christ-like people (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

But the good book can also be difficult. Humans have been involved in its writing, preservation, and translation for 2 millennia. And this raises a number of questions about What sort of book is it? How did we get it? Has it been changed? Can it be trusted? Why are there so many versions of it? And how do we read it and study it well?

Whether your goal is to get started reading the Bible, better understand the history behind the Bible, or face some of the hard questions that critics raise about it, we hope you’ll join us Saturday, Feb 29, from 8 am to noon at LSUS. Coffee, snacks, and breaks provided 😉

NOTE 1: Sign up and ask your questions below! Note: The sooner you submit your questions, the more likely we’ll be able to address it.

NOTE 2: You’ll still have questions when you leave – that’s just part of faith – but hopefully some answers too and some guidance for asking better and better questions.

NOTE 3: For this group we’re focusing on questions *surrounding* the Bible (its history, translation, reliability, etc.) and not questions •within• the Bible (What does this word in this verse mean? Who were the Pharisees? etc.) We simply don’t have the time to cover both. If your interest is in understanding the Bible as a whole and how all the books and stories fit together, please consider our Story of God group on March 14!)