The Round•Up – A six week investment in community

Circles are better than rows. Allow me to explain:

Once upon a time, when I pictured “church,” I thought of rows – a bunch of people sitting in an auditorium on Sundays.

Now, I think of circles. People getting to know each other, turning toward each other, having real, honest conversations. Church = Circles of laughter, prayer, and friendship. And so…

Circles are way better than rows, don’t you think? Maybe you’d like to try one out. If you’re new to ClearView or new to groups, you’re invited to a brand new type of group at ClearView, a 6-week investment in community called The Round•Up.

Jessica and I want to welcome you to ClearView, whether you’ve said “I’m in!” or not, by welcoming you into our home for 6 Wednesday nights, starting March 20. You’ll meet others who are new at ClearView, make some great friends, and see what it’s like to belong here. We’ll eat and talk and pray. We’ll also introduce you to what makes ClearView unique as we discuss our core values.

We’d love for you to join us. CLICK HERE TO GET SIGNED UP!

See you soon,

John Hawkins