Sept 20 – Art and Faith

Artist Stephen Watson is coming to ClearView

We are so excited to announce that on Sunday, Sept 20 we will be joined by visual artist Stephen Watson.

Known both for producing art that expresses his Christian faith and for using non-traditional materials, Stephen will be presenting a unique art installation at ClearView and speaking during the gathering about art as an expression of faith.

Known as a 3-D guy, Stephen creates sculptures from all kinds of unexpected materials, including balloons, tape measures, and plastic cups. And many of his pieces are made – carefully and meticulously – using spices.

swatson_compositeThe idea came to him while completing his MFA degree at the University of Alabama. In one piece, he created a threshold of spices that, as people walked across it, would “anoint” their feet and represent the church spreading the aroma of Christ.

We can’t wait to see his work at ClearView and hear how art can explore deep, spiritual questions. Stephen is passionate that art can (and should) be Christian without being obvious and cliched. Join us at 10 a.m. in the University Center building on the campus of LSUS to see and hear more.

And to see more of his work, a collection of his spice art installations will be featured at the Meadows Museum of Art and other locations on Centenary’s campus from Sept 19-Oct. 14. Stephen is currently a professor at Samford University.

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