Sermon Series: Bodybuilders


Just as newborns are born into a family, new Christians are born into the church. We become part of a family, a tribe, a body. We’re not meant to go it alone. In fact, we need each other. You need us, and we need you! Have you ever considered that God has made you in such a way that you make the body of Christ stronger? It’s true. You have gifts, opportunities, passions, and a personality unique to you. Your choices and habits make a difference too. Your devotion, even though it’s partial, your efforts at peacemaking, even though they don’t always succeed, and your willingness to serve, even though it’s harder to be excited some days than others – all of these “little” things make a big difference. So let’s think together about belonging to Christ’s body and becoming all he wants us to be. Let’s make sure this body is healthy and strong. We’re all part of the most important body of all time – the body of Christ. Let’s be bodybuilders.

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