Sermon Series: Direction

Life is full of hard choices. Should I stay? Or go? Say yes? Or no? Is this the right path? Would it be better to…? What will happen if…? Over and over we’re left wondering – What am I supposed to do? And if you believe in God, there’s an extra wrinkle – Why won’t God just tell me? We want direction. And not just about jobs, relationships, parenting, and other tough decisions, but for our lives overall. Big picture. Fundamentally it’s the same question, “Ok God, what am I supposed to do? What’s your will for me? What’s my calling? And how come some people seem so sure and I don’t?” This is a series aimed at knocking the intimidation out of phrases like God’s will, calling, and discernment. God’s will isn’t for you to be stuck. So let’s seek God’s direction and get going.

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