Sermon Series: Faith and Doubt

Faith and Doubt

In theory, faith and doubt are opposites. But in real life experience, they often go hand in hand. As finite creatures, operating on the basis of certainty 24/7 just isn’t in the cards. So we have to believe (something). We have to operate on faith. But riding along with our faith, there’s also doubt. In fact, the more thoughtfully you pursue faith the more likely you are to encounter new questions. So everyone – Christian, atheist, or other – operates on the basis of faith. And everyone encounters doubt. In this series, we want to consider both. On the one hand, what is faith? And – given that Christians disagree about so many things – what are the essentials that Christians believe alike? And on the other hand, how do we handle our doubts? How do we respond when our faith is challenged? In the grace of God, doubt can actually be a friend to us, a prompting to deeper faith and not a tide that erodes it. Faith and doubt. Faith AND doubt. Let’s learn how to handle both.

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