Sermon Series: God on Trial

Christianity is one of many faiths that talk about God as a judge, as the one most concerned with justice in the world. But Christianity is the only faith that also talks about God as the accused, as the one who knows most intimately the pain of injustice. Two millennia ago, God was put on trial.
Jesus, who is God in the flesh, was arrested, tried, and convicted. He surrendered to human authorities and stood before the court. If the point of a trial is to reveal the truth, what can we learn from the trial of Jesus? By looking at the detailed accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we will explore the paradox of God submitting to our judgment and the pain of an innocent man sentenced to death. We will look at Jesus’ trial and our personal trials as well. And we will be brought to worship at the cross of the one true God who suffered and died for us.

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