Sermon Series: Grown by Grace

Imagine two saplings, identical in every way except location. One is planted in a dry, barren spot and the other where its roots can tap into a healthy stream. What happens to theses two trees, grown from identical seeds, planted with equal potential? You don’t have to be a botanist to know that one flourishes and matures to great height. The other – best case scenario – languishes, its reality nowhere close to what could have been. While we won’t claim this metaphor is original (See Jeremiah 17:7-8.), it’s worth pondering. Are we living life on our own or rooted in God? And how great might the difference be in our lives in 5 years? 20 years? 50 years? We grow best when we are grown by grace. What God does in our lives, only He can do. He shapes us and matures us in ways that are beautiful and unique. For 7 years now, God has been growing and shaping ClearView around 4 core values: family, grace, others, and transformation. But let’s talk about you. What you really need from a church is a community that keeps you rooted in God, growing by grace. So consider how being part of a community shaped by these values might allow God to shape you.

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