Sermon Series: Heroes and Hear O's

Heroes and Hear O's

God has a plan for turning kids into disciples. How will they discover their identity as his beloved children, develop their unique talents, and devote their lives to loving God and others? The plan involves two powerful influences working in harmony – the home and the church. Parents have an invaluable role to play, but they’re not alone. In God’s wisdom, the church partners with parents to provide a much-needed support system, to be a family for your family.

Join us for this new series where we’re recognizing the great privilege it is to be a family and to raise kids to be faithful followers of Jesus. If you’re a parent, you’ll come away with some practical help and powerful reminders you’re not alone! If you’re not a parent, we hope your eyes will be opened to how God might use you as a friend or mentor to one of our kids.

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