Sermon Series: Open Hands

Open Hands

One quirk of your physiology is that you clench your fists before you know it. Part of your body’s near-instant fight or flight response is to tense up and make a fist. But this bit of biological trivia seems to be true on a deeper level too. We each face a choice – Will we live life with clenched fists or open hands? When we’re threatened, angry, or afraid, we quickly tense up and close ourselves off. We get defensive. We hold onto good things too tightly, for fear of losing them. But when we pray, when we worship, when we trust, we relax and open ourselves up. We take ourselves seriously, but not too seriously. We hold things loosely – appreciating the joys of life without any sense of entitlement. With clenched fists, life is drudgery – a fight to survive, a competition to win. With open hands, life is delightful – a gift to be received, an adventure to be undertaken. Maybe you know that life is about following Jesus, but have you forgotten there is joy in the journey? We begin 2017 with a series about Jesus’ amazing, open-handed way in this world and how we receive each day as gift from him. The way of Jesus opens us to trust, freedom, and generosity. It could be just what you need to hear.

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