Sermon Series: The Blessing Life

What has happened to the idea of blessing? The Bible talks a lot about blessing. So do people today. But are we talking about the same thing? For example, there are churches where talk of “future blessing” seems to be a thinly veiled code for getting rich quick and avoiding all troubles. For another, whenever someone wants to brag or humblebrag, there is no hashtag more choice than #blessed. What if we gave up asking God for a blessed life and acknowledged we already have one? And what if God’s plan is better than good luck and more stuff? (Hint: It is.) God’s people are called to recognize the favor of God in their lives (even when it comes in the midst of troubles), return that blessing to God in worship, and pass on that blessing to others by living lives of joyful, sacrificial love. Now that’s something to talk about, isn’t it? Join us Sunday as we uproot ourselves from the pursuit of a #blessed existence to instead join God in blessing others. What’s better than being blessed? Being a blessing.

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