Sermon Series: This is My Body

God made you. All of you. And he cares about all of you. Not just your thoughts or your spirit or your soul – also your eyes and legs and lungs. All of you.

We tend to think of the physical and the spiritual as very different categories, perhaps even opposing ones. In the spiritual box, we put church and prayer and what we think about God. In the physical box we put… well, everything else. Work, play, health, food, relationships, and approximately 99% of our lived existence. But the Bible tells a story of humanity as integrated beings – as both physical and spiritual. So just as we care for our souls, we should care for our bodies. And we shouldn’t be so quick to draw a line between the two. I mean, have you noticed how often your physical challenges are related to your spiritual struggles? Christianity is meant to be a holistic faith, but for many today it is far less. It can be little more than what we think about God. Not much is said about our bodies, except perhaps what not to do with them. In this new teaching series, let’s explore what a fully-embodied faith looks like.

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