Sermon Series: Us vs Us

When “us vs. them” thinking is everywhere – politics, race, sex, gender, religion, income… – remind us of the truth: There is no them. And, oh, the implications of this! Jesus leads us away from overt acts of hatred and violence, but also away from all covert assassinations – the more socially-acceptable ways we take each other out with weapons of insult, exclusion, and shame. This series is about holding on to a mindset that recognizes and values our shared humanity. It’s about how Jesus keeps us from killing each other by again and again showing us that we are all beloved children of God. In the midst of intense polarizations, we can seize opportunities for realtime peacemaking and joyful neighboring. We can shine a light. We can love. We can model for the world – there is no them. Only us. – Illustration created and owned by Scott Erickson. Used with permission.

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