Sermon Series: Wish List

Wish List

As a kid, few things top the excitement of a Christmas wish list. Each year you’d commit your heart to paper – a new bike, a video game, a puppy – and then you’d wait. That’s the thing about a wish list. It’s a list of what you desire, but don’t control. You ask, beg, plead, etc. Then it’s out of your hands. When you think about it, a wish list is a remarkable act of hope. In the seasons of Advent and Christmas, we find ourselves in a similar position of anticipating what we don’t ultimately control. There’s so much we want – for ourselves, for our families, for the entire world – that’s beyond us. We can run to the store or shop online for a blender or a big screen, but what about the things that matter most? In this season we remember that what we need most is not a present but the presence of Christ. What our hearts truly desire can be found, but it can’t be bought. So, if you wrote out a wish list, not just to avoid receiving another cheese tray or ugly sweater, but to really commit your heart to paper, what would be at the top of the list?

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