Serving at The Hub – Mar 28

Whenever you serve others, you are living proof of a loving God

Let’s serve together at The Hub’s Lovewell Center on Tuesday, March 28. From 5:30-7 p.m., we will be serving the community meal for about 150 friends.

The meal is served restaurant-style, so here’s your chance to break out those waiter skills we know you have! Since this is our first time helping with the meal, we will be serving food already prepared (i.e. not bringing it ourselves), so we are just looking for 25 folks to come and serve.

The exception is that we are looking for a few folks to being desserts, so please put that in the comments box when you sign up.

How To Sign Up?

Use this quick form to let us know who’s coming!

Meet at The Lovewell Center, located at 605 Cotton St. downtown.


New in 2017, each month we’re emphasizing one big opportunity to put skin on the gospel by serving others together. We believe you can be living proof of a loving God!

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