The Sevenfold Giving Campaign – Update: How much was given?

As ClearView celebrates 7 years, we are launching what we hope will become our biggest campaign of generosity yet.



Wow! The final giving numbers are in, and we are once again blown away by your generosity! We exceeded our goal by over $2,000.

Thank you for trusting God and sacrificing to be part of this effort to do good. Please scroll through the list of the 7 causes one more time and pray for God to make much of each effort. Because of you, dozens of lives will be changed for good!

We’ve now given away over $50,000 specifically to relief and restoration efforts in just over 7 years together. We can’t thank God (or you) enough for this level of generosity!


What is Sevenfold?
The opportunity before us is to bless many of these partners in ministry again, along with a couple new ones. We believe doing so celebrates all that God has done among us and signals that He has much more in store for us.

When Jesus fed the crowd of 4,000, he started with just 7 loaves. Not only did those loaves (and a few fish) feed everyone to the point of satisfaction, there were baskets full of leftovers. How many baskets? You guessed it – 7.

When we come together, God multiplies our efforts. Our goal for Sevenfold is to raise a total of $7,000 for 7 incredible partners in ministry. In just 3 weeks. We’re excited to see how God provides and surprises and multiplies our expectations once again!

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Living Water
$1,000 = decades of water access
Water is perhaps the most basic need. And it was our first ever development project. In 2011 we raised $3,000 to build a well in Burundi. Since 1980, the number of those lacking access to clean water has fallen from 1 in 4 to 1 in 9! But that means 768 million people still lack access to clean water. Your gift means families have safe, reliable water for decades!

Compassion (Income Generation)
$1,000 = a cow, pigs, chickens, goats, and seeds
Families in poverty often feel trapped. In 2011 we partnered with Compassion to give cows, chickens, goats, pigs, and seeds to families who could benefit and generate income from them.

Cure International
$1,000 = a life-changing surgery for a child
For an average cost of $1,000, Cure International is able to perform life-changing surgeries for kids in hospitals around the world. Kids born with correctable disabilities like clubfoot, cleft lip, and hydrocephalus are given a new life. In 2010 we were able to fund 10 surgeries in our most successful giving challenge to date.

Robert and Teague Meyer
$1,000 = continued church planting in Africa
Since 2011, we’ve supported the church planting work of Robert and Teague Meyer in Angola, an African nation torn apart by decades of civil war that only ended in 2002. Next summer Robert is leading a survey trip for those considering future mission work across Africa. Our gift might plant a seed that bears fruit for decades.

The Hub
$1,000 = meals, transportation, classes, laundry, and friendship for those in poverty in Shreveport
The Hub’s mission is to give everyone in Shreveport access to a restored life. They focus on those who are homeless, living in poverty, or victims of sex trafficking. We’re excited to continue supporting the great work they do in our community.

Puerto Rico
$1,000 = Hurricane relief for devastated families and churches
The 2017 hurricane season has been awful. In addition to the $2,000 raised for Harvey relief, we want to aid relief efforts and support local churches in Puerto Rico, recovering from Maria.

International Justice Mission
$1,000 = a rescue operation of someone enslaved or trafficked
IJM is a leading, faith-based organization fighting for justice around the world. The poor are also the most vulnerable to violence, trafficking, and enslavement. IJM’s worldwide team of investigators, lawyers, and social workers rescue and support victims, bring criminals to justice, and advocate for stronger laws and law enforcement to protect the poor from injustice.

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Click the Give Now (PayPal) button and designate your gift “Sevenfold.”
You may also give through the mail or in person by marking your gift “Sevenfold.”

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