The Story of God – Learn the Bible in a Day

The Bible is the greatest story ever told. Do you know it?

I mean, do you know it by heart? Does it guide your decisions? Or could you summarize it to someone else?

The problem for many, when it comes to the Bible, is that we know the trees but not the forest. Maybe you’ve heard the story of Moses or David, but have no idea which comes first or why it makes a difference.

But cover to cover the Bible tells a single story – The Story of God – and it’s that story that makes sense not only of the lives of Moses and David but of you and me. You CAN understand the Bible.

Join us Saturday, April 13 at Centenary College’s Turner Art Center (3000 Centenary Blvd., orange 2-story building just off Kings Hwy.) for the Story of God intensive, an opportunity to learn about and discuss the whole Bible in one day. We’ll begin at 8 a.m. and wrap up by 4 p.m., with breaks and lunch and plenty of fun along the way. (We’ll finish sooner if possible.)

Sign Up HERE or email John Hawkins for more information.