The Parent Pack Challenge – Are you up for it?

Little moments – those are the ones that make the difference.

As parents we know that it’s in little moments that our kids see our faith and “catch” it for themselves.

Every Sunday we teach KidsView and PreView with little moments in mind, little moments that happen hours or days after those big environments end.

Maybe you and your child will pray together and ask God to help you develop the virtue of the month.

Maybe you’ll make a habit of practicing the memory verse.

Maybe you’ll find yourself singing a simple rhyme in the car that makes a big point easy to remember.

Whatever your little moments look like, they make a big difference. And we’re so proud of your desire to pass on faith to your children.

And that’s why you get those envelopes each week – the ones we call “Parent Packs.” They contain summaries of that week’s lesson and suggested ways to create little moments through the week.

This month we’re emphasizing those envelopes (and little moments) with The Parent Pack Challenge, We’re asking you to test drive using the parent packs – in whatever way works best for you – and let us know what you think.

If you want to share something cool, encourage others, or post a picture, tag it with #parentpackchallenge. We’d love to see it!

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