The Time Everyone Showed Up

Yesterday Love the City took us to Volunteers of America’s Highland Center.

One of the many important things VOA does locally is relatively new: the Teen Outreach Program (TOP). This program organizes at-risk youth into clubs that meet weekly and encourage good health, college-readiness, and a sense of purpose.

We had the chance to throw their first ever Christmas party. Told to anticipate 20 kids, we arrived with food, drinks, and some small group games in mind.

Then everyone showed up. Not 20, not 40, not 50. Everyone.

We don’t know specifically how many came because we were too busy grabbing more drinks, more food, more plates, more everything.

But we know two things. It was good for them – the teens had a blast with their friends and mentors. And it was good for us. Serving is never a one way street. It keeps you grateful, it keeps you in touch with reality, and – in this case especially – it keeps you nimble.

And that’s a very good thing.

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