Thinking Outside the Box

This week 1,000’s of gummy bears arrived in Guam.

And a month ago people were surprised to find quarters waiting for them to use at Redbox and vending machines. What’s going on? Love the City has gone viral! ClearView folks have been inspired to think outside the box. Here are two examples of such creativity:

Gummies for Guam
One of our Barksdale airmen thought of this – To send a massive care package to those currently deployed to Anderson Air Force Base in Guam filled with nothing but gummies. Apparently gummy bears are like gold when you’re deployed, so imagine the excitement when they received over 43 lbs of gummy goodness this week!

RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness)
Who doesn’t love a good surprise? That’s the idea behind Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. Several of our families surprised strangers last month, doing everything from leaving quarters for Redbox rentals to leaving notes of encouragement for NICU nurses. The only things these random acts had in common were the heart behind them and the note left with them: “You’ve been RACKed!”

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