Trios: How To Be In Community, Even Now

Form or Find a Trio, In Person or Online

What’s a Trio?
A group of 3 families/individuals/couples that are going to be in community with each other, intentionally, at least 2-3x per month. We think trios will provide both the friendships and the flexibility needed right now.

One trio might get together in a living room, another for backyard parties, another on FaceTime or Zoom. Maybe one trio has kids around the same age and they get together to do the online KidsView lesson each week. Maybe another helps serve the weekly meal at The Hub or Common Ground. One trio could be folks who live nearby. Another could be based on their preference about meeting in person or virtually.

Trios are forming now and will start in September. Let us know what kind of trio you’d be interested in and we can play matchmaker. Or let us know you’re forming a trio and who’s in it. Throughout the year, we’ll check in and make sure it’s going great.

Why just 3 families per group?
Well, 3 is a magic number. More than that, the smaller size allows for the flexibility and adjusting on the fly that may be required this year. It’s just a lot easier to coordinate when it’s just you and a couple others. We also think think this allows for more comfort about being together regularly and will foster deeper relationships.

It is not good to be alone.
We are better together, and we can’t wait to see what all God does with these groups of 3. So, go ahead, form or find a trio below!