Update: The Incredible Response to Until All Are Free

A Campaign of Generosity and Justice

Rejoice with us – in the past 4 weeks, you’ve given $12,660 to further the work of International Justice Mission and set captives free! This will be the biggest check we’ve ever mailed anyone, and we’re thrilled about that! Thank you so much for the faith, sacrifice, and generosity – every bit of it honors God and those facing injustice who bear his image.


There’s a little boy forced to do dangerous work on a fishing boat on Lake Volta in east Ghana. It’s been 2 years since he saw his family.

There’s a family forced to work in a brick kiln to pay back a small loan. Every day they get further behind.

There’s a little girl in a brothel, stolen by traffickers who’ve turned sexual violence into a business.

These are examples of modern day slavery.

It’s estimated that 27 million people are enslaved today. The world’s poor and vulnerable face a constant threat of violence that goes beyond bad working conditions. Widows have land stolen from them. Orphans are forced into prostitution. Families are ripped apart.

And each of these victims has a name, a face, a story. They are known by God, loved by God, and made in His image.

As ClearView celebrates eight years of life together, we feel called to a new campaign of generosity and justice on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable. We have an opportunity to partner with International Justice Mission and fund an investigation, raid, and rescue.


An End to Slavery

Four millennia ago, God called his children out of slavery. He was the One who heard their cry and came to their rescue. Two millennia ago, God put on flesh in Jesus Christ. He declared good news for the poor, healed the sick, and set the captive free.

Today we can change real lives, continue this fight for justice, and communicate that God will keep rescuing – until all are free.

How IJM is Fighting Slavery

International Justice Mission (IJM) is the largest anti-slavery organization in the world. They are a network of investigators, lawyers, counselors, and advocates who’ve been on the front lines of justice for 20 years.

Partnering with local authorities, IJM works to:

    Rescue victims of violence and bring them to safety.
    Bring criminals to justice to ensure oppressors cannot harm new victims.
    Restore victims through trauma therapy, job training and education, and legal representation.
    And strengthen justice systems by identifying gaps that allow mistreatment of the poor.

IJM was founded by Gary Haugen, a Christian and an attorney who first confronted the realities of injustice and violence when, in 1994, he was tasked with leading the UN investigation of the Rwandan genocide. IJM has rescued thousands and protects millions. ClearView first partnered with them in 2017’s 7Fold campaign, and we hope to multiply our impact this year.

The Goal

As we celebrate 8 years, we hope to raise $8,000 for IJM by November 11. Thank you for joining us in this campaign of generosity and justice!

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