You Need a Date! Summer Couples Group

Wednesdays in June!

Looking for the “Wanna go on a date?” sign? Click here to print! #sayyestothedate

Sometimes we talk about dating like it’s just the thing you do before getting married.

And then you… stop dating?

That doesn’t sound fun.

Married people need to keep on dating each other! The best relationships are ones where we make time with each other a priority, where we stay curious and keep learning, and where there’s fun.

Newlyweds or long-timers, thriving or struggling – You need a date!
One of the clearest research findings when it comes to relationships is that the positive-to-negative ratio matters. There needs to be warmth, humor, and affection to balance out the stress and conflicts that are common in all marriages. A few date nights won’t get rid of your problems, but they will put you in a more positive state to handle them creatively and kindly.

Led by John Hawkins, You Need a Date! is a 4-week group for couples, based on the new book, Eight Dates by renowned relationship experts John and Julie Gottman. Each week will be a different kind of date, at a different location, and with a different topic of guided conversation.

The Gottmans write about essential conversations that build intimacy, and we’ll get you started with a new one each week. We’ll introduce the topic, discuss how to make the conversation constructive instead of combative, and then give you and your partner time and space to have fun and talk privately.

Our goal is to make this as accessible as possible. To register, sign up and pay $25 for a copy of Eight Dates and other materials. There is no other cost to register, but please note that you will likely want to budget money for food, drinks, and perhaps babysitting on these 4 nights. (No kids allowed… It’s date night!)

Space is limited, so we ask that you sign up only if you can attend 3 or more of the weeks. (If interested, but available for only 1 or 2 of the evenings, you may sign up for the waitlist, and we will add you as space allows.) Questions? Contact John Hawkins at


Wednesdays in June – June 5, 12, 19 & 26
Evenings: Exact times will vary, but be within the range of 6-9 p.m.
Exact details will be sent a week in advance of each date night.
Cost: $25 for book & materials. You will also want to budget for food, drinks, and childcare, as needed.