You Own a Hippo! Seriously.

This is the 1st of 4 posts about faith and money. It’s part of our 4-week Smart Piggies emphasis on encouraging kids (and adults) to learn to handle money. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Comment below!


When the average American household moves, the boxes and furniture and everything weighs about 8,000 pounds. Yes, that’s as much as a full grown hippo! (And, not surprisingly, the highest average in the world.)

You own a hippo’s-worth of possessions. That’s a lot of stuff! (And here you were thinking about going shopping later, haha! Here’s one more fun factoid: There are enough self-storage units in America for every single American to fit inside them simultaneously!

You have stuff. A lot. More than you need. Let me say it another way – You are rich. We all are. And that’s not something to feel guilty about, but it is something to be aware of. This week we want to challenge you to think about the difference between being rich and being greedy.

What are the pro’s and cons of being rich? If we are so rich (and we are), why don’t we feel rich? And if we took it seriously that God has blessed us with so much, what would be different about how we live, spend, give, and save?

Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll look together at the habits of contentment, generosity, and stewardship.

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